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It has been proven time and again that change breeds progress. With that in mind we are excited to announce that we are shifting gears at Hergott Simmentals and going red! With a core of young females to build around, a pair of powerful red donors, and the purchase of some elite embryos we are taking the next step in our pursuit of functional and profitable cattle.

Along with our Simmentals we have started to incorporate the Red Angus influence into our program with the purchase of our future donor Rihanna and the use of a Red Angus herdsire from Ficke Cattle Company on our replacement heifers.  Some of our females bred to him include 3 daughters of Reba sired by Red Label, 2 daughters of Reba sired by All Star, a daughter of Kiss This sired by Red Label, our future Red Angus donor Rihanna, and a sister to Scarlet Dreams. This cross will compliment these powerful females well providing you the customer a product that will make you more profitable in all phases of the beef industry.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view our program. We feel our future is RED HOT and we look forward to helping you succeed. If we can be of any help to your program don’t hesitate to contact us.


We are offering for sale 10 mix/match embryos with the following sires: JS Domination, JF Shock and Awe,
and LMF Movin Forward. They can be purchased in packages of 3 or 5 on a first come first serve basis f or $400.00 per embryo. Truly cutting edge genetics with breed leading cow families ready to take the breed to the next level of profitable and functional cattle. Contact us today to take advantage as these will be the only embryos I will offer on any of my donors until fall!


NJC/SVF Jewels Dream N54
Dream On x NJC Black Jewel

10 -1 31 52 7 9 24
It is with great excitement we announce the addition of the next line of genetics at Hergott Simmentals. Along with Haley Farms in Ohio we have purchased the great Jewels Dream female. While we have developed several matings staying outcross to Dream On; what better way to add his influence than with a powerful female like this. This pedigree has been proven many times already including the full sib AI sires Third Degree, High Voltage, and Night Stalker along with countless donors throughout the United States. The only difference being this one is RED! We currently have a couple outstanding calves on the ground out of STF Dominique including our next herdsire, making him a full brother to the heifer pictured above who is being campaigned with great success by Haley's in Ohio. Watch for pictures of him coming soon!

Congratulations to partner's Mike and Pam Haley on winning Champion Jr. Heifer at the Ohio State Fair with this Jewel's Dream daughter sired by STF Dominique!

Watch for pictures coming soon of her full brother raised here and owned by us and and Ficke Cattle Company. Contact either of us about Jewel's Dream pregnancies for sale sired by the Denver Champion STF Dominance or the 902J son Wheatland Red Teddy. We are anxiously awaiting these exciting progeny!

Here he is, our next herdsire!  Moneyman is a Dominique son out of the great Jewels Dream donor we own with Haley Farms making him a full brother to the X082 heifer pictured above.  Moneyman has the right combination of bone and muscle, along with a loose and correct structure, to be a breed changer.  He is very clean fronted tying neatly into a smooth front shoulder and still carries loads of thickness all the way back.  He also has great hair and a puppy dog temperment which we are hoping he will pass on to his calves as well.  Add in the pedigree combining Ebony Antoinette and Desa Rae and the potential of this guy is limitless!

OMF Cherry Bomb
ASA #2121667

2.6 2.1 47.0 67.6 3.7 4.9 28.4

It is with GREAT excitement that we announce the addition of another powerhouse red donor, OMF Cherry Bomb.  Since being crowned junior calf champion heifer of the 2002 National Western she has become one of the most powerful red outcross donors in this great breed of cattle.  Her bull calves simply blow the others away in terms of performance and stoutness; and her females carry her power with the same elegance.  With her outcross pedigree and great epd's the mating opportunities are endless!  Contact us or my partners Haley Farms in Ohio, Sloup Simmental's in Seward, or Coleman Outhet for details on how this breed changing female can positively influence your program!

Triple C Red Velvet
ASA #2204132

4.2 4.6 50.4 91.9 0 7.9 33.1

Open & ready to flush

All 3 of these donors are incredibly powerful; however in terms of pure performance, Velvet wins in a landslide. Velvet comes from two of the foundation cow families at Triple C, the Sweet Temptation cow and the Blue Velvet cow. A very unique outcross pedigree backed by time-tested genetics.

To further add to her value is the fact that she is in the top 1% of the breed for WW, YW, and MWW, while still maintaining a very maternal +9 for milk. She posesses a ton of rib with above average length in a package that is prettier fronted than her picture shows. The mating opportunities are wide open on this female, but be prepared to have the attention of your neighbors when these calves hit the ground!

We will soon have embryos available by Sweet Meat, and later this fall we will be flushing her to Beefmaker as well. Her first daughter in our herd sired by New Design 878 is the epitome of where the beef industry needs to be and she will be flushed again next spring.
Thanks to our friends at Ficke Cattle Company for their purchase of this Red Velvet granddaughter.

SS Reba
ASA #2063802

1.2 2.0 36.4 62.9 4.7 3.1 21.3
Reba is the female I chose to build a red program around. Being an own daughter of the deceased 42B makes her a maternal sister to E'Quarta, Rising Storm, and 3/4 sister to the $42,000 STF Desa Rae now at Hudson Pines. This cow family has strongly influenced many of the top programs in the breed, including Silvertowne Farms, Sloup Simmentals, and Ankony.

Simply put, I have never been around a female with as much muscle, bone, and overall mass who still looks like a female should. Reba has left us with several daughters sired by Red Label, All Star, and Trademark who will not only carry on, but expand the legacy Reba has started.
Red Label x Reba
Trademark x Reba
Trademark x Reba

Miss Rihanna
ASA #1226709

7 1.1 35 69 16 6 12
Rihanna is the daughter of Mission Statement out of the Foster High Queen performance donor I purchased this spring. She too is bred to the Norseman King son.

Clayton Hergott
1304 Road 6500, Hebron, NE 68370
(402) 984-0850


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